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Mixtape News [Archive] - Mix Zone


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  1. Hailey Simone - Visions (Mixtape/EP)
  2. Grind Ova Matter 3rd Qtr.
  3. Texas Youth Football Team Receives Death Threats
  4. Mac Miller Takes OKCupid's Masculinity/Femininity Test
  5. The RHOH Talk About the Ladies
  6. Kindergartener Found With 30 Packs of Heroin in Lunch Box
  7. Tupac Shakur’s 1994 BET Interview With Ed Gordon (Part 1)
  8. New Jersey College Student Commits Suicide
  9. The RHOH Listen to More Than Dylan!
  10. 16-Year-Old Girl Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder
  11. 2Pac: That One Time He Morphed Into Prince
  12. Florida Officers Taser Two Students to Break Up Fight
  13. First African-American Commercial Balloon Pilot Honored
  14. Kevin Hart is Out of Control!
  15. Erica Garner Blasts Mayor de Blasio on Twitter
  16. Teen Commits Suicide After Accidentally Killing Friend
  17. Kevin Hart is Showing More of His Calf Muscles This Season!
  18. Woman Torches Wrong Car After Trying to Get Revenge
  19. Jessica White and Kelly Price
  20. Father of 3 Pushes Girlfriend Out of Plane Before it Crashed
  21. Michelle Obama Shares College Tips During Visit to Howard
  22. 5 Things You Can Do to Change (Sh*t)
  23. Loretta Lynch Says: “Get Involved, Stay Involved”
  24. Activist Tamika Mallory on Why the Black Vote Is Important
  25. Black Alert: You Can Police the Police
  26. South African School Ordered to Suspend 'Racist' Hair Policy
  27. Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony Wants to Hold Police Accountable
  28. 8-Year-Old Girl Shot in Head Declared Brain Dead
  29. Finally the Answers All Black People Need to Change Sh*t
  30. The Cast of ‘RHOH’ Gears Up for Season 5!
  31. Video Shows Police Pepper Spraying 84-Year-Old Woman
  32. B.Slade and Benny Boom
  33. Tika Sumpter on Becoming First Lady Michelle Obama
  34. John Legend Explains the Rise of Donald Trump
  35. Hiawatha Robinson's Trial Begins in Alabama
  36. 4 Dead in 'Suspicious' Chicago Apartment Fire
  37. Wanna Really Change Sh*t, Black People?
  38. Tennessee Father Accused of Killing Daughter Fails Drug Test
  39. President Obama Visits Baton Rouge After Criticism
  40. Andra Day and Big Boy
  41. Louisiana Floods: US's 'Worst Natural Disaster' Since Sandy
  42. Usher on His New Film ‘Hands of Stone’
  43. Pennsylvania Mother Hides Information on Missing Twins
  44. 'Baltimore Mom' Seeks Help After Losing Home In Fire
  45. N-Word Sparks Oklahoma High School Beating
  46. Son of Chicago Cop Fatally Shot in Weekend of Violence
  47. Devon Franklin and Meagan Good Special
  48. JoJo Discusses Frank Ocean's Delayed Album Release
  49. Sneak Peek of Usher in ‘Hands of Stone
  50. Staffers Under Fire for Death of Gynnya McMillen
  51. Jaden Smith and Grandmaster Flash on ‘The Get Down’
  52. Cast of ‘The Get Down’ on Falling in Love With Hip-hop
  53. Baltimore Officer to Get 127,000 in Back Pay
  54. Justice Department Releases Report on Baltimore Police
  55. North Carolina Neighborhood Watchman Facing Murder Charges
  56. 10-Year-Old Mows Lawns to Help Mom Pay for School Supplies
  57. Claudia Jordan and Chante Moore
  58. Brooklyn Father Shot and Killed for Defending Son
  59. Watch Suicide Squad Actors Talk Police Brutality and Guns
  60. Viola Davis's Portrayal of Harriet Tubman Will Surprise You
  61. Firefighter's House Burned After Receiving Racist Note
  62. Jared Leto Thinks Rick Ross Is Perfect for the Joker
  63. Davis on Playing the Villain and Labels
  64. Zion Throws First Pitch After Double Hand Transplant
  65. Baltimore County Police Shoot 23-Year-Old Black Woman
  66. Tim Kaine Has Longtime Membership at Black Church
  67. Kentucky High School Suspends Controversial Hair Policy
  68. A$AP Ferg on Why Some Artists Don't Speak Up for BLM
  69. Bobby Jones Farewell Special
  70. Tichina Arnold on the New Season of Survivor's Remorse
  71. The Cast of Survivor's Remorse on Politics and Celebrity
  72. Unconventional: BET at the DNC
  73. Don't Miss BET’s FanFront Day Party
  74. St. Louis Police Department Launches "Operation Polar Cops"
  75. Bill O'Reilly Disrespects Michelle Obama
  76. UnConventional: BET at the RNC
  77. Trump Supporter Goes on Racist Rant on the Subway
  78. Two Teens Shot Dead and 16 Wounded at a Florida Nightclub
  79. Mother Posts Facebook Video of Her Beating Teen Daughter
  80. Premiere: Esperanza Spalding's 'Unconditional Love'
  81. Laz Alonso and MC Lyte
  82. Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Tamir Rice's Mother
  83. Omarosa Manigault on Trump's 'New Political Playbook’
  84. Do Black Republicans Really Know How to Turn Up?
  85. Marc Lamont Hill Interviews Protestors at Anti-Trump Rally
  86. Black Cincinnati Cop Investigated for Facebook Post
  87. Texas Police Replace 14-Year-Old's Stolen Lemonade Stand
  88. Zoe Saldana on How She Stands for Peace and Unity
  89. A Toast to Fashion!
  90. Unconventional: BET at the RNC
  91. Florida Police Shoot Unarmed Therapist
  92. The Game Starts New #YoMamaMyMama Campaign
  93. 'White Boy Privilege' Teen Drops New Poem
  94. Must-Watch: Idris Elba Slams Gun Culture in America
  95. Who Is Justin Gatlin?
  96. Who Is Justin Gatlin?
  97. Mother of Infant Boy Found Dead in Pond Charged With Murder
  98. 3x Olympian Brittney Reese Speaks Out
  99. Boy Leaves Cool Surprise for Mailman During Heatwave
  100. Melania Trump's RNC Speech Found Similar to Michelle Obama's
  101. 3 Officers Shot Dead in Baton Rouge
  102. Wanda Sykes and John Leguizamo on Surviving Hollywood
  103. Thousands Gather To Remember Philando Castile
  104. The Game Rallies 100 Black Celebs for Change
  105. President Obama Defends Phrase 'Black Lives Matter'
  106. Altanta Teen's ‘White Boy's Privilege’ Poem Goes Viral
  107. Poll Finds Majority of Americans View Race Relations as Poor
  108. ESPY Awards Impactful Show Opening
  109. The BETX Coca-Cola Music Studio Was Turnt UP!
  110. White Woman's Public Apology on Chicago's South Side
  111. The State of Black Lives in America
  112. Girl Buys Lunch for Detroit Cops Following Dallas Shooting
  113. Detective Demoted After Rant Against Black Lives Matter
  114. Hundreds Arrested During Protests Against Police Violence
  115. ‘I Fit the Description’
  116. This Needs to Stop!
  117. It’s Not About Our Differences!
  118. Recycle the Black Dollar
  119. A Father Lets Us Know He’s Done!
  120. Make a Change, Make a Difference
  121. It Takes a Village
  122. We Need to Stop the Hate!
  123. ‘My Heart Is Weak, I Cannot Speak’
  124. This Is Getting Out of Hand
  125. Jonathan Mannion Celebrates 20 Years of 'Reasonable Doubt'
  126. Our Seat at the Table
  127. Omari Hardwick Charges Us to Get a Ticket to Freedom
  128. Time to Rise Up
  129. Black Mother Prepares Her Son
  130. Cops Police Black People Differently
  131. We Need the System to Change
  132. Help Rebuild Community Relations
  133. They Want Us to Feel Guilty
  134. Freedom Cannot Be Forgotten
  135. Get out and Vote!
  136. Will Packer and His Wife Take a Stand
  137. A Plea for Unity
  138. Estelle Speaks Out
  139. Retired NYPD Detective Discusses Alton Sterling Murder
  140. Part 2 – Retired NYPD Detective Discusses Castile Murder
  141. Part 1 – Retired NYPD Detective Discusses Castile Murder
  142. Pusha T's Thoughts On Policing the Police
  143. Killer Mike Advocates Investing With Black Owned Banks
  144. I Almost Got Arrested
  145. Stand Together As One!
  146. Donnie McClurkin Is a Voice of Reason
  147. I’ve Been Here Before
  148. When is Enough?
  149. We Need to Stratagize
  150. I Feel Hopeless
  151. What Now: An MTV News and BET News Town Hall
  152. Tichina Arnold Speaks Out
  153. This Woman Holds Nothing Back
  154. D-low Speaks Out
  155. Let’s Police the Police
  156. Being Black is Exhausting
  157. Educate Don’t Retaliate
  158. Rewiring Our Minds is Key!
  159. It's Desensitizing
  160. It’s Deeper Than Black vs. White
  161. Teach Our Children, Teach America
  162. De-Escalate and Elevate
  163. Black America Is Speechless
  164. Reliving the Massacre of Our People
  165. The Black Man’s Reality
  166. Power in the Struggle
  167. Fighting Through the Pain
  168. What Does It Mean to Get Mobilized?
  169. Supporters Need to Take Action
  170. Pray for Peace: 5 Officers Killed During Protests in Dallas
  171. Wrong Suspect in Dallas Shootings Goes Viral
  172. 5 Police Officers Killed During Dallas Protest
  173. #BETInstaStar Weekend
  174. He Lets His Voice Be Heard
  175. I Feel a Sense of Hopelessness
  176. Outrage Over Traffic Stop That Leaves Minnesota Man Dead
  177. Philando Castile Pulled Over And Killed By Cop
  178. Best of Genius Talks
  179. Alton Sterling Shooting by Baton Rouge Police Sparks Outrage
  180. #DeEscalateDontKill
  181. Obama Says He Wants to Pass the Baton to Clinton
  182. Lost Files: BET Awards ’16 BTS with June’s Diary
  183. Memphis Mom Charged With Murder After Stabbing Her Children
  184. Vanessa Bell Calloway and Shanola Hampton
  185. Two Students Get Different Sentences for Similar Rape Cases
  186. Watch the Sprite Celeb BBall Game Tonight at 8p/7c
  187. Family of Texas Teen Shot by Police Files Lawsuit
  188. Custom Sneakers Better Than Yeezys?
  189. New Poll Reveals Trump Has Only 1% of Black Support
  190. 2016 Top 10 Moments From BET Awards Weekend
  191. Remy Ma & Fat Joe Steal the Show Once Again
  192. Get Your #OOTD From Progressive!
  193. 2016 Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game and Dunk Contest
  194. Wisconsin Woman Added to FBI's 'Ten Most Wanted' List
  195. Jesse Williams Drops More Gems
  196. Behind the Scenes: Beyoncé’s BET Awards Rehearsal
  197. Teen Who Was Tasered by Cops Will Not Face Criminal Charges
  198. Inside the Radio Broadcast Center, Pt. 2
  199. Red Carpet Live Stream [Replay]
  200. Exclusive: Sneaker Con Legend's Panel
  201. Watch These Celebs Get Loose in the #BETInstacarpet
  202. Remy Ma Gives Props to Nick Minaj for BET Award
  203. Lil Yachty's Squad Agrees Drake Is Better Than Tupac
  204. Quentin Miller Gets His Leg Amputated After Accident
  205. Details on Frank Ocean and Def Jam's Relationship
  206. Oh Baby: Is Ciara Pregnant?
  207. Day Made: Wiz Khalifa Confirms Max B Is Coming Home
  208. Premiere: Kent Jones Sets the Mood for a Feel-Good Weekend
  209. Jay Z and Beyoncé Recruit Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill and More
  210. Lupe Fiasco Admits Defeat, Says Kendrick Lamar Is Better
  211. The Game Used Nicki Minaj for His Latest Meek Mill Insult
  212. Sorry Jay Z, Looks Like Apple Music Doesn't Want Tidal
  213. Azealia Banks Opens Her Mouth Again to Say This
  214. Wayment: Is RZA Now a Trump Supporter?
  215. Run That Back: This Week in Music
  216. Future Has Another Lawsuit on His Hands
  217. Is a Jay Z and Bernie Sanders Collab in Our Future?
  218. Here's Why the Game Wants to Fight Meek Mill
  219. Brandy Has More Words About Monica
  220. Mary J. Blige’s Estranged Husband Is Asking Her to Pay Up
  221. Wale Shares a Photo of His Baby Girl's Face
  222. The Latest Rapper to Shade Nicki Minaj? Rah Digga.
  223. Jay Z: 'The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail'
  224. Exclusive: Tupac Shakur’s 1994 BET Interview With Ed Gordon
  225. Viral NYC Subway Singer Takes His Talents to Late Night TV
  226. T.I. Is Asked About Negative Content In Hip-Hop
  227. Kanye West and Drake Wasted No Time Responding to Kid Cudi
  228. Lupe Fiasco Has Some Thoughts to Share Today, Too
  229. Here's How Young Thug's Fiancée Feels
  230. 50 Cent Doesn't Want to Be Associated With His Son
  231. Meek Mill's Cousin Killed in Philly
  232. Kid Cudi: Kanye West and Drake 'Don't Give a F**k About Me
  233. Wait, What? Birdman Says He Doesn't Have 'Carter V'
  234. Lil Mama Has Another Message for Nicki Minaj
  235. 50 Cent Takes Shots at Oldest Son's Mom, Praises Other Son
  236. Music’s Weirdest Couples
  237. Lil Wayne Shared His Thoughts on Racism and Twitter Went In
  238. These Touching Tributes Show 2Pac's Legacy Is Strong
  239. Watch Omarion Impress Snoop Dogg With His Weed
  240. Kid Rock: 'F**k Colin Kaepernick'
  241. Lil Wayne Says He'll Never Work With Birdman Again
  242. I Talked To 2Pac: That One Time He Morphed Into Prince
  243. John Legend and Stevie Wonder Recreated OutKast's 'Hey Ya'
  244. Usher's 'Hard II Love' Album Is Here Early
  245. A Fan Tried to Climb Kanye West's Floating Stage
  246. Lil Wayne Will Reportedly Announce His Retirement on TV
  247. The Latest 'All Eyez on Me' Trailer Is Here
  248. Tupac's 25 Most Infamous Moments
  249. Lil Mama Just Took a Jab at Nicki Minaj
  250. Twitter Is Rallying To Help Nelly Pay Off His Tax Debt