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If you sale music, merch or services this subscription is what you need. This gives the opportunity for the hustlers to invest in their products so we can invest in you as a corporation.

Let's build,  The only challenges are learning the system and covering the minimal cost. We will give $5.00 off next years subscription if you subscribe to the discounted offer and cover your cost.

Meaning setup and sale enough product to make up for the cost of the subscription. It's easy if you have supporters. Were showing our support by creating this opportunity. We believe in every artist in this network.

MBBeatz subscriptions will be $25.00 annually. You can find the details here Subscription .

Contact us to customize or for questions and answers.

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Profile Setup

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Profile Setup

  We Can Do It For You

It's all promotion setup a profile in the platform it only takes a sec. Add your music for radio play you can also add EP, DJ Show's, Albums and MixTape submissions. If you find that your to busy or don't have the resources we can do it for you hit the Profile Setup tab and leave the rest up to us. 

Featured Artist 11/03/2017

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Featured Artist


Preston Overton



Alexa Ferr

AlexaFerrRondevu ft. lj single artwork .jpg

Rondevu Ft. LJ!

Chop Johnson

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Chop Johnson Heartless (Dirty)

Featured Publishers

Yvonne Wilcox


Yvonne Wilcox

We Push


We Push

The We Push artist can be found on the Buzz Media station. 

Buzz Media Network Station

Buzz Media App

Wassup MixBiz,

For active artist looking for profile setup assistance we can help www.mixbizz.com/profile-setup. We continue to stress this because we want to see you take the time to market your work. For those new artist take a moment to setup your store front. Check the recent FAQ's for instructions. Marketing is 90% of the success of your projects. We provide a lot of FREE services take a quick second and share your profile links on your social media pages. Once your fans start to press play it pushes your music to the top of the charts. Remember Why You Started.

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MixComm Media






MixBiz Radio


Stream Team


Grab The Apps


It's all promotion.

Let us know if you need help with the network.

MixBiz Radio

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Featured Company 9/2/2017

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TripMine Radio

My name is Corae from Columbus Ohio. I am an underground, 25 year old, Hip Hop artist representing "TripMine ENT." I recently made a HUGE transition in my music career. This transition consist of me joining up with MixBiz Radio. MixBiz helped me manifest my self made brand "TripMine" by assisting me with starting my very own radio station. They set up a channel that I could easily upload Mp3's for radio airplay. They taught me step by step how to control their system. In 6 months counting, after molding my brand and manually finding underground artist for airplay, We now have our very own independent app on Google Play. All because MixBiz took the initiative to help a local artist with drive like myself. Now I can utilize this app as a marketing tool for cross promotion and MAJOR networking! Salute to MixBiz Radio!

TripMine Radio On Google Play 

Featured Artist 8/11/2017

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Featured Artist

Jaye Clue


Jaye Clue - Can You Feel It | Prod. CashMoneyAP

GI Records


Aint No Limit To This - STC

Chico Manolo - Quest Nation


Juice - Chico Manolo

Featured Artist On iTunes

Coraezy Hitz

TripMine Prodigy Cover 1600.png

TripMine Prodigy

Jay Gravity - Gravity Inc



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MixBiz Audio

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MixBiz Audio

Add your tracks to the playlist.


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Upload Tracks Here
Promotional Radio Play
Make Real Professional Beats Fast With No Experience

The music industry has changed and now there is room for anyone to put together hot beatmaker beats and break into the business. In the past you would have needed to study music production for years and have a bankroll of cash to even step foot into a studio to make beats. But today, thanks to the Internet, anyone can mix real professional hip-hop and rap beats and download them for sale to others or add them to vocals or other instruments to promote their own talents.

The turning point when the music industry opened its doors to the average person arguably came with the introduction of beatmaker software. If you listen to music today, most of the instrumentals are created in a studio without live instruments. The instrumental beats are laid down and organized using a sequencer.

To get use of this high-tech equipment in the past you would have needed to study the methods of producing music and also know someone just to get your foot in the door. Internet beat making software changed that.

Now, you can literally log into a site, and be mixing beats in less than 3 minutes. You can then take the hip hop or rap beat and download it as an MP3. And believe me, if you can point and click and have at least an elementary education you can make beats using this type of software.

Look, no one who is just starting out can invest thousands of dollars in equipment or instruments. All you need to get started is a computer and some creative talent and you will be producing beats just like you hear on the radio.

What could you do with these beats? Well, if you perform you can use these beatmaker beats to give your music an original edge - your signature sound. If you are not a performer and just love mixing the beats, you can sell these beats to others and work your way into the business from that angle.

It is a new day in music and with the right beats you can take your talent to the next level.

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