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My name is Corae from Columbus Ohio. I am an underground, 25 year old, Hip Hop artist representing “TripMine ENT.” I recently made a HUGE transition in my music career. This transition consist of me joining up with MixBiz Radio. MixBiz helped me manifest my self made brand “TripMine” by assisting me with starting my very own radio station. They set up a channel that I could easily upload Mp3’s for radio airplay. They taught me step by step how to control their system. In 6 months counting, after molding my brand and manually finding underground artist for airplay, We now have our very own independent app on Google Play. All because MixBiz took the initiative to help a local artist with drive like myself. Now I can utilize this app as a marketing tool for cross promotion and MAJOR networking! Salute to MixBiz Radio!

TripMine Radio On Google Play 

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IMix Network

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