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Mafia Magazine is a hip-hop and R&B music magazine created in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2003 by MADE MEDIA. Mafia Magazine is a bi-monthly publication with a target demographic of young adult, followers of the hip-hop and R&B lifestyles which is produced online- in print as well as an electronic version available on Mafia Magazine’s app. The magazine is a self distributed, independent publication that encourages the exploration of the creative arts by urban youth. Similar publications are The Source, Vibe and XXL. In 2011, Mafia Magazine received accreditation from the United Press Association. The magazine has a print circulation of 50,000, and is distributed on the east and west coasts’ and is published by Gray & Moseley Publishing Company, LLC.
The magazine was originally founded in 2003 and made its Internet debut in 2006. MAFIA is an acronym for MAKING A FUTURE IN ART. It has an enormous on-line presence with pages on many social websites as well as its home location of and and has become a movement. Mafia as a movement, has spread from the East coast to the West coast. Mafia receives several thousand visits on its website monthly, of loyal readers and listeners…

Yes, we said listeners …
Mafia Magazine’s expansion into on-line radio broadcasts with live interviews has become an underground institution.

Big Head Radio brings Mafia Magazine to life. It allows our readers to listen to the music and hear the artists speak in their own words, the story they convey in their music. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and become a part of the Mafia family. Remember to subscribe to Mafia and view our family album, Mafia Magazine.

Mafia Magazine
Mafia Magazine Digital Interview
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