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App Services

We can help you come up with a design that the clients will admire.

Want a simple but attractive looking application for your business website?
Contact me and let’s talk business.
Starting at $300.00.
Perfect Marketing Tool.

Simple app with basic features.
App Icon
Beautiful Durable Design, Built In Social Media.
10 Pages On Top Of Contact, About Us and Google Maps.
10 Day Delivery
1 Time App Payment
Ask About Our WordPress Setup Services.

Interested In Addons-
Ad Network Integration
Google Play

App Services

Start Your Podcast Or Station

Station Services

Did you know? Creating a live audio stream is well within the ability of most PC users!

Cloud automation & playout
Effortlessly manage your playlist from your phone or tablet, schedules and breaks for your station.

DJ & Podcast Management
ImixFM enables on the go professional grade radio stations.

Ulimited Access
Endless limits for library and listeners. Focus on your day to day while ImixFM takes care of the rest.

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