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11-13-2015, 10:25 PM
Hip Hop artist from Wilmington Delaware and Philadelphia.
Debut single released two weeks ago and is currently number 20 on the Philly hip hop chart on reverbnation. Titled The Arcangel has Landed By TRUTH.
Second debut single released last Thursday titled Hostility By TRUTH is being featured on Dj Walt White Cooking up the Streets 11 mixtape release droppin this weekend and features a heavy Dblock presence featuring Sheek Louch, as well as Lloyd Banks and many more top hip hop artists.

Focusing on grimey lyricism and flow, reminiscent of Gravediggaz in content, voice and style is very unique.

The full debut ep releases on new years day 2016 and is titled The Coming of Gabriel : Attonements of a Gangster.

Grew up traumatized in Wilmington Delaware and survived a pedophile attack at age 12 which turned me into a monster for the following 20 yrs, runnin truthfully about a 15 block radius of coke blocks in Westside Wilmington Delaware. Finally turned my back on the lifestyle and now am putting my story on wax as well as film.

I currently have a startup production company offering many services including
Ghostwriting for every genre of music
TV and Feature film screenwriting and scoring
Full audio and video engineering, mixing and mastering.
Novel ghostwriting, editing, proofing
Spoken word poetry Writing editing and recording.
Artist development
Production services

With much more to come in the near future

Hostility By TRUTH


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