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Marriage is one of life’s most beautiful moments. It’s great to see two individuals uniting their love in matrimony. Before the big day Jakob Poeltl Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/jakob-poeltl-raptors-jersey/) , comes the planning for this special occasion. Marriage is one of life’s most beautiful moments. It’s great to see two individuals uniting their love in matrimony. Before the big day, comes the planning for this special occasion. It does take a bit of preparation and budgeting when factoring in buying an engagement ring. There are certain grey areas that should not be overlooked. We can clear up a few misconceptions about buying engagement rings for women and engagement rings for men to make the process easy for you.

Myth #1: The Bigger the Diamond, the Better

Many believe that every woman wants a huge diamond ring on her finger. In a time when bigger is seen as better, it's no surprise that big diamond rings seem more attractive and desirable. Another outdated notion revolving around the diamond size is– the bigger the ring Fletcher Cox Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/fletcher-cox-raptors-jersey/) , the more the man loves his woman! Both of these statements couldn’t be further from the truth!

The truth is, not all women want a huge diamond ring. Some women prefer a simplistic look of a smaller less extravagant ring. Big rings may also not be a suitable choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Besides size, the quality of the ring matters too. You can have a wonderfully-cut 12 carat diamond with a high level of sparkle and clarity for the same price of a larger diamond that isn't cut as well and appearing duller.

If you’re on a tight budget, it makes sense to pick a smaller DeMar DeRozan Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/demar-derozan-raptors-jersey/) , yet superior cut diamond as opposed to a larger, duller one. In time, you can upgrade your ring to a larger diamond.

Myth #2: There Should Only Be One Diamond

In the past, the classic single stone solitaire rings were the popular choice. These days Delon Wright Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/delon-wright-raptors-jersey/) , accent diamonds such as baguettes are in style. These are the perfect design for women who want a little extra sparkle to complement the one big center diamond ring.

Myth #3: You Need To Know the Ring Size

This is one of the biggest myths when purchasing an engagement ring. It is great if you do have this information handy, but is not really essential in today’s day and age. You can always have the ring resized to fit better after you have given it to your significant other.

Myth #4: Custom Engagement Rings Are Too Expensive

It’s often believed that designing a custom engagement ring can cost a fortune. The truth is, the entire process of getting a custom-made engagement ring isn’t as complicated or as expensive as it once was. Many leading jewelry retailers offer the service at reasonable rates. Just be sure to allow enough time for the ring to be produced.

Myth #5: The Age Rule

It is believed that the size of the stone must equal the age of the woman who is to wear the ring, which means that if the bride-to-be is 36 years old the diamond must weigh 3.6 carats. This is unreasonable Corey Clement Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/corey-clement-raptors-jersey/) , and bears no scientific reasoning or logic.

Hopefully this article has cleared up any misconception and put your mind at ease so you are able to move through the process of buying the perfect engagement ring with confidence.
When learning how to play a sport, one of the essential components is learning what equipment you need in order to play. Golf is no different, and choosing the right clubs for you may be an overwhelming task. The first thing to understand is that purchasing a standard set of golf clubs is not the first things to do. In fact, for someone serious about learning how to play Chris Long Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/chris-long-raptors-jersey/) , it is highly recommended that you hold off on purchasing golf clubs until you have tried a few sets out.

The reason that you won't want to purchase a "standard" set of clubs is that they are designed for a person of average build. Of course, since everyone is built slightly differently, even though you may feel that you are of an average height, your arm or leg length may differ. There variations will cause your swing to vary. It's not far fetched to state that a set of golf clubs are as unique as the individual carrying them.

So Carson Wentz Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/carson-wentz-raptors-jersey/) , where to begin then? Generally speaking you should be looking for a club that is the runs the length of your navel to the floor. This will be an estimate of the size of the club you are seeking. The good news is that you don't have to purchase multiple sets of clubs to find the set that fits you best. Most golf courses have a wide range of clubs available for rental purposes.

The reason they have these rentals available is for the beginner who is looking to find their swing, so to speak. Not only should you rent various sizes of clubs; you should also rent different brands of equipment. Again, remember that while the length of the club will matter, perhaps there is a brand that makes a club that is more comfortable than another.

First C.J. Miles Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/cj-miles-raptors-jersey/) , test your swing. Rent a set of clubs and set out to the driving range. Once you find a club that allows you to swing comfortably and confidently, take that set onto the course and play a few rounds. This is the time that you will want to evaluate whether you simply purchase that brand in the length that suits you, or if you want to have a set of clubs custom built.

If you are a novice, and don't have a strong game Bruno Caboclo Jersey (http://www.teamraptorsshop.com/bruno-caboclo-raptors-jersey/) , it may be slightly premature to have clubs customized. You need to at least have the basics down and be seeking improvement in your game to invest in custom clubs.

Customized clubs are unique to your size and your body type. Build affects swing, so if the clubs are made with your build and swing in mind, you will inevitably end up with the best possible clubs for your style.

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