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  1. Watch the Specials Perform, Discuss Career on ‘CBS This...
  2. Taylor Swift slams Scooter Braun for 'bullying' and buying her old record label
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  4. 4 Taylor Swift says ‘manipulative’ Scooter Braun’s acquisition of her recordings is ‘
  5. Swift’s furious statement ignites feud
  6. Taylor Swift rips into 'manipulative bully' Scooter Braun after he purchased her old
  7. Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings*Acquires*Big Machine Label...
  8. Celine Dion’s historic run in Las Vegas redefined artist residency
  9. Spotify, Apple Music and the rest are secretly fixing your mainstream taste in tunes
  10. Arts leading lights join Opera anti violence push
  11. Torn From the Headlines: ScHoolboy Q explores the cycle of urban violence in the vide
  12. Taylor Swift Responds to Sale of Her Old Label With Fury: ‘My Worst Case Scenario’
  13. Heartbreak, sacrifice and secrets - inside The Nolan sisters' reunion tour
  14. Charles the ‘Jaguar’, Kenyan MP accused of incitement
  15. Rock legend Tina Turner on her voice, finding serenity and losing a son
  16. After Years Apart, The Black Keys Get Back To Basics
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  18. Taylor Swift slams Scooter Braun after he acquires her music
  19. Taylor Swift’s Masters, Scooter Braun’s ‘Bullying’:...
  20. Taylor Swift rips into 'manipulative bully' Scooter Braun after he purchased her old
  21. Halsey Posts Support for Taylor Swift After Scooter Braun Buys Her Back Catalog
  22. Taylor Swift accuses 'bully' Scooter Braun of 'stripping me of my life's work'
  23. Taylor Swift Calls Out Scooter Braun
  24. Taylor Swift calls sale of her music catalog her ‘worst case scenario’
  25. Taylor Swift pens scathing post about Scooter Braun, laments loss of own music
  26. Taylor Swift pens scathing post about Scooter Braun
  27. Justin Bieber criticizes Taylor Swift for 'hating on' Scooter Braun for buying her ol
  28. Justin Bieber Responds to Taylor Swift Claiming He and His Manager Bullied Her
  29. Swift feud turns ugly as texts leak
  30. Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta Fires Back at Taylor Swift,...
  31. Justin Bieber hits back at Taylor Swift after she accuses his manager of 'incessant b
  32. Taylor Swift Posts Gut-Wrenching Response To Scooter Braun Acquiring Her Music Catalo
  33. Bollywood singer Garry Sandhu to headline at Birmingham event - eight years after dep
  34. Farmhouse In Shades of Blue
  35. Taylor Swift 'sad and grossed out' after Scooter Braun acquires back catalogue
  36. Swift 'sad and grossed out' over catalogue
  37. Justin Bieber slams Taylor Swift for ‘crossing a line’ with Scooter Braun
  38. Oladips blasts Reminisce in new song as he exits record label
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  40. Taylor Swift's Ex-Record Company Boss Says She Is Lying, She Knew About Deal
  41. Taylor Swift fires back at ex record label boss
  42. Allied artists to host star studded party to celebrate rocky kramer's firestorm album
  43. Tina Turner gets 'emotional' thinking of former husband Ike: 'In the beginning, he wa
  44. Taylor Swift shares candid post criticising man who owns all of her albums
  45. Bhanga Bangla- First Bangladeshi band on Sony Music
  46. Cara Delevingne Defends Taylor Swift After Justin Bieber Feud
  47. Taylor Swift 'grossed out' by manager who owns her music
  48. Taylor Swift v Scooter Braun: When copyright gets personal
  49. The Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber row explained
  50. Justin Bieber Criticises Taylor Swift For Hating on His Manager
  51. Taylor Swift's former label boss blasts her Scooter Braun 'bullying' claims, says she
  52. Jeff Goldblum announces his second album during his Glastonbury set
  53. What’s behind the row between Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun?
  54. Taylor Swift's former label boss hits back
  55. Michael Eaton: Dialogical
  56. Richie Beirach-Gregor Huebner Duo and the WDR Big Band: Crossing Borders
  57. Lafayette Gilchrist: Dark Matter
  58. Justin Bieber Accuses Taylor Swift of 'Crossing a Line' in Apology Over Scooter Braun
  59. 5 Bewildered by the Taylor Swift situation that is exploding on social media? Here’s
  60. Lil Nas X hints at being LGBT with tweets about his sexuality
  61. Listening to the band: Belua driving force remains
  62. Arif Hayat, the singing painter, releases new song
  63. Ninder's pride at new Queen role
  64. Taylor Swift's Former Label Big Machine Is Sold, Rankling The Star
  65. Scooter Braun's Wife Claps Back at Taylor Swift, Claims She 'Passed' on Owning Her Ma
  66. Chief Udoh Releases 'Big Mistake” From The Forthcoming Album "Big Mistake” On Uwem Mu
  67. Linden Lab’s Sansar partners with Monstercat to bring live music into VR
  68. Taylor Swift’s dispute with Scooter Braun has people defending him
  69. Mallrat: ‘I didn’t know anyone in real life so I literally just found people on Faceb
  70. New Dead & Company Concert Poster by Owen Murphy is Hot Collectible
  71. Taylor Swift's Former Label Big Machine Is Sold, Rankling The Star
  72. Bieber defends talent manager, Scooter Braun after Taylor Swift lambasted him
  73. Swift: Music Sale to Scooter Braun Is 'Worst Case Scenario'
  74. Trump Gives Huawei a Breather. Sort of.
  75. Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta Responds to Taylor Swift's Claims About The Label's S
  76. Bieber Criticized Swift Following Scooter Braun Post
  77. Swift vents over sale of her music catalog
  78. Be the first in the world to listen to Hutchence new album
  79. Taylor Swift ‘sad and grossed out’ after Scooter Braun acquires back catalogue
  80. Last week in media: comScore under pressure, Vivendi calls off UMG stake sale
  81. Indigenous Nigerian Rapper, Oladips deletes All Reminisce Pictures and Affiliations A
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  83. Scooter Braun Acquires Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Label Group, Taylor Swift Catalo
  84. When it comes to artists losing the rights to their songs, Taylor Swift is hardly alo
  85. Scooter Braun tried to call Taylor Swift but she ignored him
  86. Taylor Swift v Scooter Braun: Is it personal or strictly business?
  87. When it comes to losing the rights to her own songs, Taylor Swift is the norm not the
  88. “It’s time for some truth”: Scott Borchetta responds to Taylor Swift’s criticism of S
  89. Taylor Swift Scooter Braun feud: Whose side are Justin Bieber, Halsey, Rihanna, Yael
  90. Scooter Braun’s Wife Yael Cohen Braun Calls Out Taylor Swift: 'Lets Get the Facts Str
  91. Allied artists to host star studded party to celebrate rocky kramer's firestorm album
  92. Taylor Swift accused of 'temper tantrum' as feud ramps up
  93. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Side With Taylor Swift in Scooter Braun Drama
  94. Spotify will no longer let artists upload their own music
  95. Justin Bieber responds to Taylor Swift’s Tumblr post slamming his manager: “That’s cr
  96. The Taylor Swift Drama, Explained By the Solar Eclipse
  97. Cody Johnson is bridging the Texas-Nashville musical gap
  98. Taylor Swift’s rep denies Borchetta’s claims that she knew about deal in advance
  99. Taylor Swift’s Feud With Scooter Braun Spotlights Musicians’ Struggles to Own Their W
  100. Scott Borchetta Promises Big Machine Will Only 'Get Bigger' After Scooter Braun Acqui
  101. GORDON: Tech giants should pay musicians proper royalties
  102. The Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun Beef, Explained
  103. Inside the One-Of-A-Kind Deal That EQT Struck With Universal Music Group
  104. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber at odds in spat over her music catalog
  105. Taylor Swift is furious at the sale of her master tapes – but she’s luckier than most
  106. BUSINESS MAVERICK: The prospective new owners of the Sunday Times and other SA media
  107. Foxtel takes aim at web proxies in piracy fight
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  109. An Investigation Into Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun's Drama for Those of You Who Are
  110. Taylor Swift’s masters, Scooter Braun’s ‘bullying’: Inside the Big Machine-Ithaca dea
  111. Taylor Swift Scooter Braun feud: Whose side are Justin Bieber, Halsey, Rihanna, Yael
  112. A Timeline Of What Happened After Scooter Braun Acquired Taylor Swift's Big Machine C
  113. Taylor Swift Slams Scooter Braun for 'Manipulative Bullying' After He Acquires Her Mu
  114. Here’s Why Taylor Swift Is Mad as Hell About Her Masters
  115. Downtown Music's Roberto Neri Named Chair of UK Music Publishers Association
  116. Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun, explained
  117. Taylor Swift blasts sale of music catalogue to mogul Scooter Braun
  118. Team Taylor or Team Braun?
  119. Rapper Common to perform with the Houston Symphony: How to get tickets for the one-ni
  120. Dudley record label to help fight crime
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  122. UMG Tries To Block O-Town's Trademark Application Over Its Motown Record Label
  123. Spotify retreats from artists’ uploads in win for music labels
  124. The sound of Love
  125. Ex-Oprah Winfrey Network head on Big Machine Records board slams Taylor Swift for Sco
  126. How did Taylor Swift lose the rights to her six best-selling albums
  127. Taylor Swift's beef with Scooter Braun: Everything you need to know
  128. The Black Keys’ 9th Studio Album “Let’s Rock” Now Available
  129. The First International Music Competition "Voi-S Go!"
  130. Scooter Braun Is ‘Open to Having a Private Conversation’ With Taylor Swift
  131. Lewis Capaldi and Mark Ronson throw their weight behind National Album Day
  132. Nappy – She Didn’t Know
  133. Still Your Boogie Man: KC & The Sunshine Band
  134. Taylor Swift 'grossed out' after 'bully' Scooter Braun takes control of her music
  135. Channel24.co.za | Taylor Swift enraged at Scooter Braun obtaining her back catalogue
  136. Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun: Justin Bieber, Halsey and More Take Sides
  137. Taylor Swift ME! collaborator Brendon Urie calls Scooter Braun 'f***ing a**hole' and
  138. Taylor Swift publica mensaje feroz contra empresario musical
  139. Here's about Chakir Hussain's journey from sound engineer to founder of record label
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  141. The sound of Love
  142. What everyone can learn from the $300 million deal that Taylor Swift claims ‘stripped
  143. How Ariana Grande is reportedly feeling about the Scooter Braun drama
  144. Taylor Swift's BFF Todrick Hall brands Scooter Braun a 'bully' in masters feud
  145. Dr. John achieved greatness, but only after a turning point — finally getting clean a
  146. Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber Defend Manager Scooter Braun Amid Taylor Swift Drama
  147. Scooter Braun is the new owner of Taylor Swift’s music catalog
  148. Who better to write a page-turner about a warring girl band than... The pop agent who
  149. Taylor Swift's feud heats up as Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie slams Scooter Brau
  150. Newcastle Jets gun Champness takes leave to pursue music career in the U.S.
  151. Full List Of Winners At 2019 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA
  152. Now Hear This: Glastonbury highlights, new music by Thom Yorke, Flohio and MUNA, plus
  153. Safran Foundation for Music: a closer look at the Arod Quartet
  154. Club Swing-By 048.0 by DJ-J “Tanabata Blues Night”
  155. What’s on Sanjiv Goenka’s high tea menu? Toast, ...
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  157. What everyone can learn from the $300 million deal that Taylor Swift claims ‘stripped
  158. New Dead & Company Concert Poster by Owen Murphy is Hot Collectible
  159. Global Video Game Music Market will grow at Higher CAGR during Forecast Report (2019-
  160. The Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun rift - and the issues with those masters -...
  161. Newcastle Jets star given time off to chase record deal in LA
  162. Lil Nas X Was the Unexpected Highlight of Pride
  163. The Raconteurs' 'Help Us Stranger' Debuts At No 1!
  164. After Glastonbury Festival Performance, Kylie Minogue Is Chasing Seventh U.K. Chart T
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  166. What is ‘Sync’ and How Are Musicians Making Big*Money From It In*The Digital Era?
  167. Here's What to Expect From Scooter Braun's Purchase of Big Machine Label Group
  168. Global Video Game Music Market will grow at Higher CAGR during Forecast Report (2019-
  169. Geronimo Black “Freak Out Phantasia” Features Previously Unreleased Live And Studio S
  170. Tina Turner On Ike, Her Son’s Suicide, Love And Surviving [WATCH]
  171. The Zongo Brigade Ft. Wiyaala – Brand New Day
  172. He Sources, Exports and Roasts Colombian Coffee: Q&A With Devoción Founder Steve Sutt
  173. Cheryl shares first recording of son Bear's voice on Instagram as she opens up on 36t
  174. German record label releases Bangladeshi music video
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  176. Stars turn on Taylor Swift in messy record company feud
  177. Why Taylor Swift Is Calling The Sale Of Her Old Music Label Her Worst Case Scenario
  178. WE 2019 Experience Festivals - Keeping the Spirit of '69 Alive!
  179. After Scooter Braun's Big Machine Acquisition, Is a Fourth Major Label On the Horizon
  180. Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun: What, exactly, is going on?
  181. Scooter Braun insisted he was not morally bankrupt and money hungry before the Taylor
  182. Sia hits back at blackface accusations after Taylor Swift fans slam her for supportin
  183. Taylor Swift slammed for lying and bullying after attacking former label boss
  184. Scooter Braun has reached out to Taylor Swift amid music catalog dispute, source says
  185. Taylor Swift had months to buy back her masters but 'decided to walk away' - Page Six
  186. Please, for The Love of God, Break Down the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun Drama for Me
  187. Singer-Songwriter Eilen Jewell To Play the Beachland Next Week as Part of Independent
  188. The Nirvana Experience, July 13
  189. Report: Scooter Braun’s reached out to Taylor Swift; so far, she won’t respond
  190. Ed Sheeran's private support for Taylor Swift
  191. Scooter Braun open to 'private conversation' with Taylor Swift
  192. Unsung Zeros announce EP and reunion show
  193. “Alcohol Was First And I Was Second.” Le’Andria Johnson Talks Alcoholism, Working Wit
  194. Drae Sunami thinking big in music
  195. Cameroon*music*industry*pledges*support*for*AFRIMA *2019
  196. Ed Sheeran responds to fans who beg him to weigh in on Taylor Swift situation
  197. Topu entertains Kolkata for the first time
  198. Sean Paul: 'Language barrier' a problem for dancehall artists
  199. What’s a Music Festival to Do When Its Venue Becomes a Homeless Encampment?
  200. Camila Cabello supports Taylor Swift as new Shawn Mendes duet “Señorita” sets records
  201. Olamide welcomes second son with partner - TheCable
  202. Collective soul ‘blood’ lands at #3 on billboard’s “alternative albums” chart and #5
  203. Why Taylor Swift Isn't Likely to Sue Scooter Braun to Get Her Masters: 'She Has No Le
  204. Selling Swift: What's Next for Big Machine's Taylor-Made Catalog and Possible Greates
  205. Tina Turner on her ex Ike, how 'loneliness' drove her son to suicide and whyb she wil
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  207. Why Taylor Swift Isn't Likely to Sue Scooter Braun to Get Her Masters: 'She Has No Le
  208. ALISON BOSHOFF Taylor Swift is in another war of words but she knows feuds are lucrat
  209. Spotify Names Former VICE Media Exec Cameron Farrelly Global Creative Director
  210. She said, he said: What's next with Taylor Swift's catalog?
  211. Taylor Swift's Attorney Says Singer Never Had a Chance to 'Outright' Buy Back Her Mas
  212. Scooter Braun has reached out to Taylor Swift, source says
  213. Scooter Braun Reposts Supportive Messages After Taylor Swift Blasts Him
  214. Pursuing Passion
  215. WE 2019 Experience Festivals - Keeping the Spirit of '69 Alive!
  216. Camila Cabello Supports Taylor Swift Amid Scooter Braun Feud
  217. Taylor Swift Reportedly Refused To Talk To Scooter Braun Post Music Deal Announcement
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  219. Spectacle des Artistes Taïwanais sur la Seine Les belles voix aborigènes de Taïwan
  220. Emanative and Phil Ranelin: Vibes From The Tribe
  221. Ed Sheeran breaks silence over Taylor Swift after facing backlash from fans
  222. Taylor Swift 'ghosts' Scooter Braun, disagrees with Scott Borchetta on offers to buy
  223. Merlin Extends OTTO Partnership For Another 3 Years
  224. US Glam Rockers DSP David 'Scary' Perry Release 'Combinations' Music Video
  225. Taylor Swift's lawyer insists she wasn't given chance to buy music outright
  226. : Samo Salamon: Three At Once (Freequestra, Trio, and Rotten Girlz)
  227. Demi Lovato Fires Back at Body-Shaming Troll
  228. Former Reading FC academy star dies after falling from balcony in Spain
  229. Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach: Eternal Voices
  230. First picture of Brit, 19, who plunged to death from balcony during lads holiday in S
  231. Ivan Conti: Poison Fruit
  232. Pictured: British tourist, 19, who fell to his death on the final day of a lads' holi
  233. Celebrities have no right to judge Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo — Kizz Daniel
  234. Still Room for Newbies
  235. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop
  236. American record biz goes all-in on K-Pop, but crossover challenges remain
  237. Great frauds in history: Louis Jay Pearlman
  238. Ed Sheeran Breaks Silence on Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s Drama
  239. Brendon Urie Slams Scooter Braun Amid Taylor Swift's Drama: 'Toxic Bulls**t'
  240. Janet Weiss Of Sleater-Kinney Leaves Band
  241. J. Cole Announces New Dreamville Compilation Album 'Revenge Of The Dreamers III'
  242. John Lodge of the Moody Blues talks new album and tour
  243. The Frame: Matthew Cherry Goes Long With 'Hair Love'
  244. Stonebwoy, Medikal, others win big at 2019 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA
  245. How Swift ‘got caught crying wolf again’
  246. Taylor Swift Fans Unite to Support Delta Rae After Band Leaves Big Machine
  247. Tiwa Savage Parts With Mavin Records, Joins Universal Music Group
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  249. Of Monsters And Men Release Official Music Video For "Alligator"
  250. ¿Qué pasará con el catálogo de Taylor Swift?