Is A. I. Cheating?

By: megleton
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What are your real feelings? Hello everyone and it's my pleasure to be sharing some thoughts with you. This time around, I'll be asking a few questions of you and your thoughts as a listener of music and/or a creator of music.
I recently released my second joint from my new independent project, In The Q. This time around I chose to go a different direction when it came to mastering. I chose to use an A. I. music mastering platform called, LANDR.

The song chosen for this new experience was Love Song, from my new independent project, In The Q 

During your reading, take listen here at MixBiz. It's what this blog edition is all about.
I'm a little "ole school" when it come to the technical side of things although I am embracing the newer technology that's available in music today. You must, if you expect to keep relevant and compete with the millions of great songs that are born each day.
At first I said to myself, this can't be all of that.... So I said self, try it out. There are other music A.I. platforms that are also out there on the market burning up the music landscape also like one very popular one that really probably started it all and has spread to other areas of life called, Watson.
I started checking things out maybe a year and a half ago. It peaked my interest so until I began to to investigate further. This is when I began to see and hear the first projects done through A.I. It was then that I learned Watson would take volumes of music, lyrics and other human song constructions processes, like most popular hits, which lyrics evoked the most deeply felt emotions, and what emotions by effect, you know, happy, sad, love, hate, ect.. Then a complete song would be constructed and all it needed was a human artist to perform it. I'm now understanding that the human artist isn't even needed anymore!
Question one: What are your thoughts on this as a listener? As an artist? Is this cheating?
The last question is what spurs real passionate debates!!! I know I've had them too! Do you feel this is fair to the human artist? Should this music be in a category by itself and human made music in a category by itself?
I really would like to know what you, the reader of this blog, thoughts are.
I believe everything has it's place. After all it would not have been created if it were not useful in some way. I also believe once the human touch has been removed from something it loses it's savoy like salt with out the salt taste. We place seasoning on our foods to make it taste to our liking.
Do I think it's cheating? Moving the the bar on creating and using a God giving talent? Well have you ever played chess against a computer? I believe it changing the playing field of artistic expression. Yes, I believe the rules are changing and not in favor of the artist.
Picture this, your in a situation, your listening to a song that changes your situation, moves your emotions. Question, was this song written by a human who has experienced what you are going through that can really relate and empathize with what your experiencing or was it a machine who has processed many scenarios and put out the best one for your listening?
Back to Love Song, I wrote the lyrics, played the music and arranged the song from my life experiences. What did I use the A.I. platform LANDR for? To just master the sound of the already written music. Every artistic mind wants to offer their best product and will take advantage of every opportunity to do this. My results were fantastic to say the least! The sound quality was by far better than I could ever do. If I were to put my finished product next to their finished product you would hear the difference therefore enhancing the best I have to offer to you.
I don't know what the future may hold for A.I. and music, but one can never substitute the human touch for a machine.
Tell me your thoughts here and at
Much Luv

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