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Taking too many selfies can hurt your romantic relationship. A study of 305 adults over a two-year period determined that the level of jealousy between romantic partners increased with the number of selfies that were posted on social-media sites. In other words, the more selfies you post, the more jealous your partner gets.

Source: Telematics & Informatics, a research journal

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Winners Are Made, Not Born.

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Winners Are Made, Not Born.

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Winners are made, not born.  


No one is born a winner. People make themselves into winners by their own efforts. Winners come in all shapes and sizes. Talent, IQ, experience or education are not requirements for winning. Winning is an internal thing, something you decide to do and direct your efforts toward. So is losing. God doesn’t make losers. Losing is something you learn to do all by yourself. But, the best part is that you can decide to become a winner at any time, wherever you are in your career, even if you’ve been a loser all your life. Most people do almost enough to be a winner. They stop short of winning because their attitude, or determination, or desire, falters. But once you make a total commitment to becoming a winner, nothing can make you lose.


Williams, Art (2012-09-12). Pushing up People

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Some after-game interviews are more revealing than others: After scoring twice in a game earlier this month, South Africa-based soccer player Mohammed Anas thanked his wife – and his girlfriend.

Source: Sports Illustrated magazine, 3/27/17

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Music Industry-How to Succeed in Business

Every one has their own definition of success. My definition of success is to be happy while working at something I believe in and am passionate about. Here are six steps I use to achieve my definition of success.

Freedom - If you don't live in a country with freedom to pursue a living as you see fit, success would be difficult by my standards. I am thankful to live in a country that provides me the freedom to choose my living. Many people do not have the freedom to seek out their own business, so it seems that one must first become free to succeed in business.

Persistence - An idea with no motion may as well have never been. No one else will ever know of an idea until the idea is brought to motion. To accomplish a goal requires that you be moving towards the goal. To continue moving towards a goal, even if the going gets tough, is persistence. To succeed in business, persistence is vital.

Vision - You need to be able to see the goal ahead of you. You must be able to visualize the success of your business, or you will never know if you've found it.

Inspiration - You can't have a vision of your goals without some inspiration. You must be excited about your goals or you will never be happy when you meet them. One whose sole inspiration is money may run a profitable business, but be unhappy and unsuccessful. Business is hard work. If your inspiration dies out, it will be difficult to go on.

Planning - Once you have a goal and are inspired and have committed to the goal, you must plan how to achieve your goal. With no map to get from A to B, you are likely to end up at C. A simple way to think about a business plan is a list of things you have to do to reach your goals. Your plan is almost sure to change along the way, and that is OK.

Discipline - The best plan in the world is not going to be much good if it requires forty hours of work per week and there are only two hours given to it. A balance of persistence to keep going and discipline to keep going at the right pace is required.

These simple ideas illustrate a larger way of looking at life, which is to break down your goals, problems and obstacles into little pieces. Moving a mountain may seem impossible, but if you break the task down into little steps, anything is possible. If you apply this principle to running a business, you are well on your way to success.

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Art For Sale: Keep An Eye Out

By admin, 2016-06-07
 Art For Sale: Keep An Eye Out

As an interior designer, I always have my eyes peeled for the latest and greatest things for decorating homes and office spaces. I have a knack for detail and a knack for making mis-matched things come together, so interior design is the perfect job for me. One of my favorite things to watch for and to encourage my clients to watch for is any art for sale. You really have to keep a good eye out for art for sale. Why? Because it is rare to have unique pieces of great art be for sale to the public, and when art is for sale, it often goes quickly to the highest bidder. So your eyes must be peeled with a pretty good idea of what you're looking for if you want to find art for sale.

Something you must do before you purchase any art for sale is create a budget. With any decorating project there is need for a budget because things can quickly get out of hand. So sit down and be realistic about the percentage of your funds that you can devote to finding pieces of art for sale. If you go into searching with a budget you will have a far greater chance of finding things you like and of not being disappointed when things are out of your price range.

Another important thing is to have an idea for what kinds of things you are looking for being you look for art for sale. The world of art is much more vast than you might think, so you have to be prepared or you will likely get overwhelmed. Grab an interior designer or a friend with good taste and begin to gather good ideas for pieces that would add to the uniqueness and style of your home. Finding art for sale that meets your needs will be much easier if you know what your needs art.

There are countless places that you can find art for sale, and a lot of that depends on what kind of art you hope to find. Look in your local newspaper to see what kinds of art for sale ads you can find. See if there are any great art shows in your area or if there will be a local exhibition by an artist. Finding great art for sale is hard and yet easy to do. Talk to friends or family members that support local artists and get their ideas about good art for sale. Make your home a place everyone will want to spend time in and enjoy by finding the right art for sale.

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